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Authen Digital


Are you ready? Are you defending your Website or App against millions, perhaps billions of acessible devices? Do you fear leaked user credentials? Account Sharing? Social Engineering? Authen Digital can help, using advanced technology that defends your network simply by tying a users´ account to an authorized device. An attacker cannot access a secured account even while in possession of valid user account information. Period. Effectively our system reduces the threat to any individual account from millions and billions to 1.
Better than a firewall, IP based solution or Token solutions, Authen Digital gathers machine specific information so you know that the device using an IP is the one that's supposed to be on that IP. No man-in-the-middle, spoofing or session hi-jacking concerns to worry about. Authen Digital's value proposition comes with none of the administration, configuration or maintenance headaches associated with currently available products and works alongside with other security applications.
To better understand how our technology makes this happen, create your Authen Digital account and start registering your devices.